Paperless Solutions for Oncology

An oncology clinic with less paperwork has more time for patient care. With that simple vision, OIS Paperless was born.





OIS Paperless is a complete hardware and software solution designed to help you quickly and efficiently manage your ambulatory pump program. Every detail of the system has been researched and thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind: 

  • Patient and clinician workflows

  • The harsh demands of the oncology environment

  • IT Department requirements for network and security protocols

Ambulatory Infusion's Proven Technology

OIS Paperless eliminates all paper-based forms required by other companies, streamlines workflow, and offers these benefits:

  • Time savings of 50% to 75% over traditional paper-based programs

  • Compliant*, secure and accessible 24/7

  • Valid electronic signatures captured for patient and physician

  • HIPAA compliant plus it reflects CMS requirements and meets regulatory guidelines for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) billing

  • Interface development is available for larger practices which allows integration with leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems

  • User friendly—very little training is required; system serves as a guide

  • Forms pre-populate with standard information to reduce typing

  • Seamless integration into existing clinical practices

*OIS's electronic ordering and signature systems are compliant with Medicare's requirements with respect to electronic medical records integration and electronic signature authentication.
Customizable Solutions Designed for Your Oncology Clinic

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