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Medical Specialties Distributors (MSD) is the leading distributor of infusion related products and biomedical equipment rentals and service into the alternate care market. MSD has assembled teams of experts, dedicated to the work of supply chain logistics, cost containment, equipment management, online learning, online ordering, formulary management, patient home delivery, and much more.

Outpatient Infusion Systems announces
the industry's first paperless system,
OIS Paperless

Outpatient Infusion Systems (OIS), a national ambulatory pump provider serving oncology clinics across the U.S.,announces the availability of the industry's first paperless system, OIS Paperless. OIS Paperless eliminates all paper-based forms required by other ambulatory pump billing companies, saving staff time and streamlining processes.
To learn more about OIS Paperless, click here.

MSD Announces Tom Burke as Chief Executive Officer
MSD Names Joseph Pudlo Senior Vice President, Device Solutions
MSD Announces Keith Crawford as new Chief Marketing Officer

MSD is the only national distribution company that carries the broadest line of Infusion Supplies you need to care for your patients. With over 30,000 products available in our catalog, we have the right product, at the

right price, at the right time.


MSD has established a national network of distribution centers that provides the most extensive coverage of supply chain solutions into the home infusion market.


When a costly piece of equipment is provided to a patient, it makes sense to have a reliable way to keep track of it, so retrieval doesn't become a guessing game. OneTrack is the

alternate care market leading Equipment Tracking software solution.


MSD has been servicing the cleanroom and controlled environment needs for thousands of clients in the infusion

and biomedical industries. We offer our customers best in class products and superior customer service.


MSD offers a wide range of biomedical equipment support services. All maintenance and repairs are performed by certified technicians.



MSD is committed to offering our customers Supply Chain Solutions that generate both cost savings and value, to you and your patients. Our PHD program delivers all of that, and more...


Do you have equipment taking up space in your office or warehouse? If you have one piece of equipment or a whole inventory, we will consider it for purchase.


MSD is an easy to use, on-line reporting system that allows MSD customers to report issues, make inquiries, and provide

feedback related to MSD's products and biomedical services.


MSD offers in-service support for your local staff, plus the ability to develop extensive online learning programs custom designed to your specifications. Online

tracking can also be supplied, helping track your employee results.



Delivering Quality Products & Biomedical Services...for Life!
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